Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Crisis management scenarios this afternoon. Obvious problems that have some obvious and some not so obvious solutions.

Lottery Problems?

Over the past few years, North Carolina has had an Education Lottery. Why is it that My home county citizens can not see that it makes more sense to spend the 16 million, that was spent between early July 2009 and mid February 2010, in the local economy, rather than going and spending in Raleigh and receiving approx. 8 million back?


When given the chance, take all opportunities to garner favorable press coverage from the media. Wash windshields and place slips of paper under the wipers stating that the windshield was washed by the youth campaign, Now that you can see clearly, We hope that you will vote for our candidate in the upcoming elections.

Short night

After a short night at home, Hardees for breakfast, Orchard House booksellers Mocha, and a hours drive; we are back at work in Raleigh near Crabtree. I think the other members of the class need a sense of humor. Or more coffee.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morton Blackwell

Listening to anecdotes by Morton Blackwell while eating Papa John's pizza!

Echo's in the dark.....

It is a dark gloomy room. Chairs are stacked in rows with a few inanimate bodies scattered throughout. A man stands alone in a pool of light rambling on. Is this a scene out of a bad mystery movie? No.....this is a badly chosen speaking room. When scheduling a speaker for your Political Action Group (PAG), you should always choose a room that holds approx. 60% of the expected turnout. This allows for a margin of error in the attendance, and allows for favorable press coverage, i.e. CONGRESSMAN SPEAKS TO PACKED HOUSE.


In the world of politics, a major figure is the media. It is a tenuous balance between the two sides. The Legislative cadre tries to use the media for their own devices while the Media glory in scandal and feed on the flesh of the powerful.